Our Purpose

Empower teams to move the world forward.

What we do

We enable great companies to move the world forward by closing the gap between strategy and implementation.

Our first product is Alignd, a strategic execution platform that accelerates transformative teams through shared clarity, asynchronous coordination and deeper connection.

We complement our Alignd product with First Things. As a resource for leadership teams, rooted in the science of organizational psychology, to help support individuals and teams within their organization achieve their potential through a sustained discipline of strategic focus and follow-through.


Within a decade, we will help over a million people every year unlock more potential by helping them focus on what matters.

Our brand, while emerging from Vermont, will grow into a global distributed network that influences positive change for teams across every time zone.


  • Know why

    This is our first value. Knowing why is the foundation of every focused action. It requires an intentional choice. It points to a stated objective, and it enables perseverance. A clear why steadies you through the how.

  • Be healthy

    To achieve our purpose and business objectives, we focus on individual and organizational health to maintain a fresh perspective and optimal pace. Taking care of yourself - body, mind and spirit - will energize you, create a happier you, and unlock your ways of contributing to our team.

  • Be authentic

    Authenticity is the gift of your true self - no pretension, no unspoken agenda. Authenticity brings walls down and trust up. Authenticity requires accountability.

  • Be curious

    Curiosity requires a learning mindset. Being curious means working to improve, expand and hone all inherent talents and gifts, as well as adding to and improving those acquired along the way. Being curious enables collaboration.

  • Keep it simple

    Simplicity is about identifying the essential and letting go of the unnecessary. Simplicity requires humility (self- assurance that less is more) and rigor (focusing on what's most important). Simplicity enables shared understanding and minimizes breakdowns in communication. Simplicity enables flexibility and agility.

  • Be excellent

    Find the joy in excellence. Excellence is an aspiration that signals commitment, a learning mindset and drive towards mastery.

Our Aligned Team

We’re building a distributed team of passionate professionals, joining to do their best work related to their craft and who feel aligned with our purpose and values.

  • Adam Bouchard


    Build Product & Scale

  • Rich Price


    Build Brand & Inspire

  • Rebecca Noskeau

    Org. Psychologist and Performance Empowerment

    Inspire Engagement

  • Alex Fraiha


    Software Engineer

  • Martin Van der Linden


    Developer & Data Scientist

  • Chris Lowen



Getting Inspired

On how Alignd started...

Adam and Rich (co-founders) met for lunch in 2022 to catch up.

They’ve known each other since 2015, but on this day they were sharing insights and visions that were drawing on a combined 40 years of supporting enterprise alignment and the realities of making innovative initiatives happen.

Adam had built a successful development and consulting firm, designing and developing new software products and enterprise platforms that enabled more efficient and effective operations.

Rich had designed and built strategic alignment campaigns for some of the world’s most beloved brand portfolios (General Mills, E&J Gallo, Keurig Dr Pepper...).

"We realized we shared a passion for helping purpose-led organizations (and the individuals that power them) come together in service of how progress really happens.

We had seen good businesses with great products fail — most often because they lacked the ability to move with pace and precision in an ever-changing set of market conditions. We had heard rousing quarterly addresses from charismatic leaders about strategy and focus. But when “the chairs were stacked,” a lack of clarity and focus returned. We saw smart employees grow increasingly frustrated by duplication of efforts and an inability to see how their daily efforts were contributing to the overall mission.

Together, we envisioned a set of AI-enabled tools that could help establish and maintain what we call the Three 3’s (clarity, coordination and connection). We also envisioned launching a company that was passionate about helping great businesses and people come together to move the world forward. We now have a growing and amazing team of brilliant and committed people who are helping us bring this vision to life.”

- Rich and Adam


Inspiration and timeless insights on how progress really happens.


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